What is The Big Beauty?

The Big Beauty is what we're calling the new batch of songs that Alan Semerdjian is currently shopping around. And what exactly is The Big Beauty? It's a group of songs that explores what it means to be in a relationship - the good, the complex, and, of course, the beauty. We're all a part of The Big Beauty in one way or another and, in fact, we're all big beauties...each and every one of us. Several incredible people came together to create The Big Beauty and they are: Mike Bloom (producer and multi-instrumentalist) Philip A. Jimenez (additional production, multi-instrumentalist) Matthew Cullen (engineer, The Clubhouse, upstate NY) Brian Blackburn (additional engineering, acoustic guitar) Matthew Iselin (pianos, organ, wurlitzer, keys) Dave Diamond (drums, percussion) Christopher Kuffner (bass) Melinda Hirsch (viola) Maureen Keenan (flute) Rebecca Perea (cello) Franz Nicolay (accordian, tack piano) Jivan Gasparian (duduk) Daniel T. Levin (trumpet, flugelhorn, euphonium) David Moyer (baritone sax) Melissa Menake, Blaire Eltringham, Scott Bloom, Jenelle Kunz, and Casey and Olivia (backup vocals, claps, and great energy) Alan Semerdjian is doing a residency of showcases at The Living Room during the month of September (every Tuesday at 9pm except the 16th) to promote the new songs to friends, family, fans, and industry. Songs from The Big Beauty can be heard on Alan Semerdjian's Fan Page on Facebook, myspace.com/semerdjian or right here on alansemerdjian.com. Free downloads will be available at the shows in September. See you soon, you big beauty.

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