an impressive, contemporary, textured songs and poetic lyrics”


full of dream pop”


such a good artist because he is not readily definable”


sweetly crooned lead vocals”


True ear of those voices you could listen to all day...baffling how he hasn't broken through into the social conscience of a music scene crying for talent like this. The Big Beauty is required listening from an essential talent. (Wildy's World)   Alan's voice is also passionate and mature. His presence reminds me of a young and innovative John Hiatt. (Static Multimedia)   A contemplative record that is slow and haunting, with diverse instrumentation that is masterfully playedBill's Music Forum a pacing gaze of the sprawling metropolis bringing to mind Mark Eitzel. (Parasites and Sycophants)   An album oozing charm and lyrical genius which is just beautiful. There could not be a more perfect name for this album. (Room Thirteen)”

— some words on The Big Beauty

One of the best CDs I've heard in a long time. (John Platt, WFUV)   Tastefully played, well-organized, filled with excellent musicians and a strong singer, there's a wealth of good songs in the a greatest hits of someone you've never heard of. (Jon Berger BOOG CITY)   Because this CD encompasses many styles, it would appeal to a multitude of music lovers. It would probably appeal most to fan of Phish or Dave Matthews Band because several of the tracks are in that vein of music. The title track, Siren Song, Bucket in a Well, Wade, and Almost Good Enough are acoustic pop built around acoustic guitar strums and harmonized vocals. In particular, Wade is reminiscent of The Wallflowers with its interplay of organ and strummed guitar. Alan's vocals also sound similar to Jakob Dylan's vocals on this song. Calling Out, Melody, and Memoir all feature bluesy licks on an electric guitar and gruffer vocals than the pop songs. On Only Gets Better, Alan sounds like Elliott Smith both vocally and as a result of the lo-fi production. (Aubrey Rocheleau, NORTHEAST IN-TUNE)   This album begins with the title track, which is similar in style to the music of Josh Rouse. Siren Song is a good rootsy tune that could just easily have been performed by David Lindley on banjo and Bruce Springsteen on harmonica. Calling Out and Bucket in a Well are particularly rich songs. The richness and complexity of these songs remind me of Adam Mugavero. Bucket in a Well is a dream for lovers of stringed instruments. It features guitar, mandolin, and viola all layered together with Semerdjian's easy vocals. Easy is probably the best way to describe his voice. His delivery sounds effortless. Semerdjian pretty much covers the whole spectrum. (Gary Schwind, ROCKNWORLD.COM)   [This] beautifully packaged self-released debut marks the arrival of a singer-songwriter the likes of which Long Island has not birthed since Lou Reed and Billy Joel with a delivery that reminds one of American Music Club produced for Asthmatic Kitty. (Ron Hart, INTERBORO ROCK TRIBUNE)   With a knack for composing well-crafted lyrically charged pop songs, fans of Fiona Apple, John Mayer, or The Wallflowers might appreciate Semerdjian's latest musical offerings. His songs blend cadenced acoustic folk ballads and pop songs alongside electric rockers backed by a full band - a fair mix of introspection, sentiment, romance, and honesty. (M.J. Kessel, GOOD TIMES)   New York native singer/songwriter Alan Semerdjian writes driving guitar-centric pop-rock...this album doesn't have time to stop and smell any roses. With some folk rock and harmonica blues in hand, Alan Semerdjian casts a wide net and pulls back a wonderful variety of music fans. Produced by Michael Bloom, Phil Jimenez, and Brian Blackburn whose collective resume speaks of greatness-Rilo Kiley, The Elected, Gordo Gringo, Wheatus-the album breathes a collective sigh of light pop, folk rock, indie rock, and alt-country. I started Smother so I could help struggling artists and occasionally I'm granted the license to find some that simply should be groups that musicians everywhere turn to for inspiration, Alan is one such artist. (J-Sin, SMOTHER.NET)     Obviously very gifted in [his] ability to construct strong, memorable's hard not to appreciate the beauty and splendor of this. (TAXI)”

— some words on When There Was Something Wrong With You

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