Thank You Chris Bro, NEXT, and 107.1 The Peak

Dear Diary, So I'm back in Huntington, NY for the day browsing through the aisles at Book Revue (one of the truest indie bookstores in perhaps the nation) and one of the employees there, Kevin - a real kind guy whom I've known peripherally for quite a while - tells me that it was real cool to hear me on the radio the other night. He goes on to tell me that it was 107.1 FM The Peak, and immediately I think that I haven't thanked Chris Bro and his NEXT show on the Peak. He's what I call a "super music guy"; he's made it his mission to do good for music lovers and musicians for his stay here on earth. I got in contact with him through a real great songwriter and friend named Neil Nathan. We played a show together for NEXT up in Stamford, CT. Great folks, great music, lots of pool tables (the place was called Rack N Roll) and the magic of Chris Bro, the wonderful wizard of indie rock. Check out his webpage for the program: Look for Alan Semerdjian on one of his playlists after a Flaming Lips cover of Madonna's Borderline...Neil Young comes after me...yes, he makes some pretty great mixes too... Thanks again Chris! and Neil for making the connection! I'm hoping to connect with NEXT soon...

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