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some relevant information on alan semerdjian · Alan used to front the alt-pop indie-rock outfit SURREAL in the 90’s. · SURREAL was too indie for the hippies and too hippie for the indies but, nevertheless, was able to gain college and commercial radio success, television credits, and regional touring. · Alan is a poet and essayist with numerous print and online publication credits. His chapbook of poems is called “An Improvised Device” and is published by Lock n Load Publishing. · Alan’s new cd, “When There Was Something Wrong With You,” is produced by Phil Jimenez from Wheatus and Gordo Gringo, Michael Bloom from Rilo Kiley and The Elected, and Brian Blackburn from the “clandestine” studio at The Sunset Marquee in Hollywood, CA. · A song of Alan’s appears in a little-known short film entitled “Whatever We Do,” starring Robert Downey Jr., Tim Roth, and Amanda Peet, produced by Toby Maguire and written and directed by Kevin Connolly. · Alan is a high school English teacher and leads writing workshops for teens on Long island and New York City. · Alan does some tutoring. · Alan has over ten years and 800+ performances worth of touring experience on small intimate stages across America. · Alan collaborates for experimental hybrid soundscapes with poets and free jazz musicians attempting to serve as a conduit between the entertainment world and its vast continuum and the glowing complexities of academia. · Alan is an Armenian-American. · Alan has an MFA in Poetry from Goddard College. · Digital homes for Alan’s work (press, bios, images, etc.) can be found at,,,, and by google searching “alan semerdjian”. · Alan’s grandfather was a cubist painter and genocide survivor – a very serious painter and beautiful man. · Alan layers several hundred printed or handwritten words on a piece of paper and calls it artpoem. · Alan used to be the caretaker of The Walt Whitman Birthplace and co-curated an arts series there called “The Body Electric.” · Alan flirts with being a performance artist (he loves public displays of art or art in public). · Alan is afraid of balloons. · Alan is in a relationship with a wonderful lady named Melissa. · Alan is an only child. · Alan believes art is about entering a conversation.

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