Summer 2011

Oh blog...who reads you? Who stays up late or wakes up early or finds time in the in between to stop by and say hello? I'm coming to you now because I want to think out loud about a few things. This summer I have no new CDs, yet I'm planning on playing a bunch - with my old band Surreal (and our friend Carol Thomas), with my personal band on a few occasions, with my dearest old pal and fantastical guitarist Mike Bloom, and with some eccentric space explorers of the universe called free jazz and noise rock. It's an experiment in a see what sticks. The Big Beauty is still available, and while I'm hoping the songs on there mean something to some people I'm also hoping the new material sneaks in and meanders about someones consciousness. What am I looking forward to? You. That's not really "you," blog. It's the other you. The reader. You see there's three of us in here. Maybe more. Maybe hundreds more. An infinite us, actually. If we imagine it. See you soon. Love, Alan p.s. still want to come and play in living rooms across america if you'll have us...

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