1. Cut the Cord

From the recording Cut the Cord


CUT THE CORD You look at the sky now and you see how it reminds you of that place In your mind, another need to take you far away And make some room for a constellation Make some room for imagination It's there for you if you decide you want to make it stay Cut the cord, mom, cut the cord From the same old masks you've been wearing Take it off Cut the cord mom cut the cord It's a perfect storm and you're in it Let it go (all aboard) You clean the messes of masses who don't know your name You sleep in fences and lock up all the stories in your head In your mind are these slight suggestions In your mind possible revelations It's a choice you're making, another chance to flip the page Cut the cord mom cut the cord It's not a mistake I'm singing, It's your love It's a chord, mom, It's a chord, Lay your back into it, All aboard