2012 Mountain Stage Newsong Contest

Ok.  So here I am incredibly honored for a few reasons.

1) Mountain Stage (a pretty fantastic music series affiliated with NPR and good beautiful things of that sort) has this songwriting competition that I've peripherally admired and watched folks I know enter and advance in, and I've entered it, see (which is kind of strange because I don't normally enter these types of things), and I've managed to advance to the regional round.

2) There are some pretty wonderful and innovative songwriters in each region, so digging into their music through the Newsong website has been grand in and of itself.

3) You reading my news.  I'm honored for that.

I'd love it if you could cast a vote...for anyone, really, but it would be really great if it were me.  I'd be honored for that too.

Thanks for all the great support.