Summer 2010 and a Question For You About House/Living Room Concerts

So here is the first ever Alan Semerdjian Web Page Blog Entry. I'm thinking tonight about how far we've come. I remember sitting around with Ian, Tom, and Dan and pasting together "ransom-note-style" fliers to (literally/physically) send away to friends and fans. We used stamps. Tonight I want to say thank you to people like yourself who come here to read a blog entry. I like you. I do the same thing at my friends' pages and the pages of folks whose work I admire. Cheers to doing this. I hope it continues forever. I also want to thank you for your support of my music and, most recently, my poetry. It has been an amazing trip. The Highline Ballroom Show (on July 20th) in NYC this summer is a highlight for sure...with Neil Nathan and a bunch of other cool NYC musicians...I love this city. Here's my question: want to host a house concert? It could take place in your living room, some sort of closed in patio space, or wherever you think 20-40 of your music-loving friends would like to hear me play totally acoustic and unplugged. Honest. Straight up. Music. For you and me. I'd ask for a donation bucket/hat/whatever to help pay for expenses. Thoughts? The last two (in LA and Dallastown) have been amazing. I'd love the opportunity to do more... Until then, :::alan

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